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As you consider nominating someone for, joining or supporting our efforts to identify emerging leaders for future versions of this Fellowship, we hope that you'll find these FAQs and the rest of the content provided on this website helpful in making your decision. Alas, it's difficult to fully amass the Frequently Asked Questions for a brand new initiative, so if there are any remaining question you have, please feel free to email

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How do I apply?

In order to be considered for the Ashé Leaders Fellowship, you must first have someone nominate you. Subsequently, you will complete an online application and virtual interview. Please note that the nomination and application process for the current Fellowship Cohort is closed. Please check back for announcements about future Fellowship Cohorts.


What should fellows expect to get out of this experience?

There are three layers of experience. The first is a personal coaching experience to develop a leadership learning plan with support from Big Picture Learning. Once your plan is developed, the Ashé Fellowship team will support you in fulfilling your goals. The second is within a place-based Squad, where Fellows will develop and tackle a community-based impact project focused on youth development and opportunity. Lastly, there is a national cohort experience where Fellows from across all Ashé locations are connected -- consisting of both virtual and in-person gatherings focused on learning from other transformational social movements.


From which cities are Fellows being considered?

Currently, Fellows come from: Jackson, Mississippi; Oakland, California; Akron, Ohio; Cleveland, Ohio; and Baltimore, Maryland. For details, please consult the Places page of this website.


Do you have plans to expand to other cities?

Yes, but we seek places where the conditions are right. This means: a critical mass of emergent leadership, a passion for systemic change, and local funding support. Still, as this is a new initiative, we want to get things right first. We will continue focusing on the first three places to start, and may continue expanding -- slowly and thoughtfully -- in future years. If you think your community is right for an Ashé Fellowship, please complete the interest form on the home page or email directly.


Who is the ideal candidate?

The ideal Ashé Fellow has a personal and professional commitment to their community (and has lived/worked there for at least the past five years), the passion to grow as a leader focused on real and meaningful change in K-12 education systems, and believes in equity- and learner-centered transformation.


What happens after the Fellowship?

Once you complete your 18-month Fellowship experience, you will become part of the Big Picture Learning Global Leaders Network (BPGLN): a tight knit group of fellow graduates across BPL's Fellowship Initiatives (including the Equity Fellows) who will continue to support and develop as leaders through regular programming and professional development opportunities.


How can I become involved if I'm not interested in being a Fellow?

We are also seeking Community Co-Hosts in the places we're serving. Community Co-Hosts are local experts who serve as mentors and place-based facilitators helping to guide the logistic and programmatic experiences of Squads. Community Co-Hosts will play a key role in developing and supporting local Squad retreats as well as virtual Squad meetings. They too have a passion for creating equitable opportunities for historically marginalized groups -- especially youth -- and wish to lend their skills to helping develop local leaders. To get involved as a Community Co-Host, please email


How long is the commitment?

A typical cohort of the Ashé Leaders Fellowship runs for 18 months. During this time Fellows will engage in monthly Zoom meetings, three local Squad convenings (three days each), and three national convenings (five days each).


Is this a paid Fellowship?

Yes. Fellows will receive a $10,000 stipend for professional and personal development as part of this program. Please be prepared to complete a W-9, requiring either a social security number or employee identification number.

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